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    BPI\WJM upgrade compatibility

    Paul Robins
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      Hi Community,

      I am upgrading Control-M BPI 6.3.02 to Control-M BPI\WJM 8.

      I have found that the client update for 8 is not compatible with 6.3.02 control modules,so we have an issue as to how do we perform this upgrade?

      We cannot update the client and upgrade all control modules at the same time due to risk.

      If we upgrade the client first then we can no longer maintain the BPI6.3 connection profiles.

      If we upgrade the CMs first then we can't maintain the WJM 8 connection profiles.

      BMC support have not been helpful just saying this is the way it is, bad luck. The only workaround is to replace the client plugins whenever an update is required.

      Has anyone found a better way of dealing with this?