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    Maaping SAP Systems in Atrium CMDB

    Rahul Priyadarshy

      Hi  All experts


      Need some input on mapping SAP Systems in CMDB. Like

      SAP as a System has Prod,Dev,QA etc. Now SAP has Modules Like SAP MM, SAP FM,SAP PM, SAP FICO, SAP PS (Prod/dev/QA)  etc.

      Now SAP is running on Some or Many Servers for all the 3 environments.


      Need some input Around above requirements mapping. I have few Ideas but am looking for some best practices.


      Carey Walker your Inputs allso.




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          Carey Walker

          Hi Rahul


          Happy New Year!


          There's probably two main questions here. Firstly, modelling the SAP application infrastructure, and secondly how to handle the various environments.


          So for the SAP part, I would suggest creating an instance of a BMC_ApplicationInfrastructure CI for the SAP 'ecosystem' itself, then BMC_Application CIs for each of the SAP modules. You would also have other classes like software servers and databases sitting under the SAP CI for its web servers, application servers, DBS etc. You generally don't know which servers are running which modules (to the best of my limited SAP knowledge), so you can relate the servers to software servers CIs instead to more correctly represent the server/app server world. There's a bit of a debate as to whether the relationships from the ApplicationInfrastructure to the Applications should be a Component or Dependency relationship. I tend to think of it more like a Component relationship at that point, with Dependency relationships then from say Applications to Software Servers (app servers) and again to the servers.


          For the environments, there was a good discussion on this a few days back, I'll find it and post a link here for you to take a look at.

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            Carey Walker

            Here's the link to the environments discussion.


            BMC Application CI Naming And Mapping Doc

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              Rahul Priyadarshy

              Happy New Year to you also--Carey Walker and Thanks for the response.






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                Motheeshwaran Durairaj

                Hi Rahul,


                Did you get answer for this ?


                We are looking for Integration between SAP FI and ITSM 9.x, it is a bi-directional integration.


                Want to know understand more on this also the functional areas (new to SAP).


                Thanks in advance.