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    BMC Application Visbility Manager

    Jamil Hussain


      I have been reading the BMC guides on implementation of the Appplicaiton visibility Manager, now I need to setup a small environment to monitor 10 servers (web/database, middleware), can I do the following:-


      1. install the atrium and presentation on the same server (windows 64bit)

      2. install the proxy and application visibilility manager on the same server (windows 64 bit)

      3. install a separate server with the analyser & collector on the same server (ubunutu) 64 bit


      then I intend to install cloud probes on each application server i.e. the 10 servers all pointing into the analyser and collector.


      this is what I have planned for this small environment, can any of you describe what setup you have and have you doubled up on servers etc?