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    When is BMC Engage 2017?

    Leonard Warren

      Hello.  I have searched the BMC Website and Google and nothing has provides when BMC Engage 2017 takes place.  I will attend but I need the dates so I can make other arrangements for other events/holidays.  Does anyone know the dates for BMC Engage to be held in Las Vegas in 2017?  Thanks. 

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          Matt Laurenceau

          Lenny, Susan Derrick already shared the new format we'll have for 2017: several free Events in various geos (in North America and more)

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            Leonard Warren

            Hello Matt.  So there is not going to be a BMC Engage 2017 in Las Vegas as stated last year?  I knew they had announced the dates but I missed it.  Just need to confirm if BMC Engage 2017 is or is not happening?

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              Leonard Warren

              Okay Matt.  I read the message.  Basically Las Vegas is a bust.  BMC Exchange is the new means of conferencing for BMC Software - have not heard of any so far of when it is being put on, where one can go to see the schedule and agendas, who is running the show, and what any one outside of BMC can do to help?  Looks like WWRUG will have to resurface as BMC Remedy Community found the event to be worth while for a weeklong event.  Thanks for getting back to me.  Not happy about the response - maybe because BMC never asked the members of WWRUG what they thought.  Man, sure will miss the networking possibilities. Thanks again.  Lenny

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                Benjamin Attal

                Hi Matt,

                from my point of view, we can not compare Engage (4 Days, many breakout - technical and What's New, certification, experts from worldwide, party, and Innovation place) with exchange (1 day, only local experts, few conferences with a lot of sales presentations). From my experience during Engage we really share experience and knowledge, during Exchange we share a good moment with colleagues.


                And the important point, if we don't have Engage when I will be able to share a drink with Jason Miller and Carl Wilson?

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                  Rick Westbrock
                  1. I was worried about having missed a big announcement but on clicking that link I see that it was a comment on a blog post about someone's lost eyeglasses. Is there a more official announcement somewhere?
                  2. The Exchange events sound like they might be interesting but as a customer for both Remedy and Control-M I have my doubts that one day will be enough to cover both products for me. Regional events also mean that I am less likely to run into other customers who have similar challenges to what our company faces simply on the sheer fact of a smaller audience.
                  3. How likely is it that I will be able to meet customers and developers from outside the US or BMC personalities such as Dave Sulcer at my particular regional Exchange event? I am hoping that my proximity to Los Angeles might increase the odds ever so slightly in my favor but I am not holding my breath.
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                    Stuart Reid

                    I am fairly early on with my BMC journey but have had the opportunity to go on two of the last three Engage events. I have to say that there is no comparison between the Engage and Exchange Events. You simply to not get the depth of experience at the Exchange Events. It feels more like sales pitches and there are no learning labs.


                    As a UK user of BMC, I found it invaluable to meet the number of other users from all around the globe. I got technical insights and resolutions to troubles that I had been having. You just don't have that time at the Exchange Events to ENGAGE with people to that depth.


                    I for one would like the Engage Conference to continue. 

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                      Graham Webster-Newman

                      I see this as a massive setback and backwards step.  I have been a Remedy/BMC customer for many years and was able to attend Engage last year.  There is absolutely no comparison between that event and previous user group events and the Exchange that was held in London.


                      The Engage format, worldwide attendance and massive attendance by BMC employees was a huge benefit to me; there is absolutely no way you will get the same level of knowledge, ideas sharing and community feel from a local based event with the same customers that you probably already know and BMC staff who are not so heavily involved int he development, support and design of products.


                      This seems like a real shame.

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                        Scott Thatcher

                        Maybe we can call the new events "BMC - Disengage!"

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                          Misi Mladoniczky



                          These events has been the place for RRR Scandinavia, a small tech alliance partner supplying 3rd party tools and utilities, to meet friends, users, customers and prospects for many years.


                          I do not think it will be possible for us to do scattered 1 day events, it would be too much travel and costs, and we would only have a very short window to actually talk to people who would mostly attend more or less technical presentations.


                          IF we can get the support from BMC to send their tech people, I guess it might be time for WWRUG / SMAC to resurface...


                          So tell Daniel Bloom that we still need this


                                  Best Regards - Misi, RRR AB, http://rrr.se

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                            Leonard Warren

                            Thanks Everyone for your comments.  Since I was one of the co-Founders of WWRUG events that were held from 2009 to 2013 after the first closing of the BMC Annual Conference, talk is underway of trying to bring back WWRUG but under a different format.  The format would include primary training tracks for BMC Remedy Products (BMC ITSM, BMC AR System, BMC Discovery and Client Management, BMC SRM, BMC Smart IT and MyIT, and more), other BMC Products (Control-M, RemedyForce, Patrol, etc.), and third party products (Kinetic Request, SalesForce, RRR Products, Mobile Reach, etc.). The tracks would be laid out in a training perspective so you can learn more about the products and how to work with the products.  We also ran with a Celebration Party, Technology Showcase, Meeting with the Engineers (thanks to BMC Support), and more. 


                            So there are talks on-going about re-activating this event and hoping for a October to November time period.  Cannot guarantee the specific month, but we were happy to run it for five years and were very successful at it as well - took a lot of help from volunteers and vendors to make it all happen.  So keep looking for more postings on this event - you can also send me your wishes to see at this event by email me at rmisolutions@verizon.net.  It is all about networking, education, and showcasing all under one roof.

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                              Scott Thatcher

                              I have given this topic some thought over the last several days and distilled my opinion down to a few key focus points:


                              • Networking was not really my primary focus in Engage. Of course I enjoyed seeing some of my favorite BMC contacts, but I didn't meet a lot of regular Joes and Janes. I enjoyed tweeting you, but TBH I didn't see / say hi to many in person.
                              • What I did do though, was to see vendors working in the space of Remedyforce and BMC, discover how customers are using the tools in new ways, and discover adjacent technologies that could integrate/ tag on / enhance.
                              • Since Remedyforce (the tool my company is invested in) is already a bit of a red headed stepchild given the hosting platform, I hope that BMC will double down on their presence at Dreamforce, or arrange some Remedyforce specific customer focus groups, meet & greets, etc.
                              • I'm not looking for training sessions, or anything like that, unless it's in conjunction with new features/functionality by those designing and deploying those features, showing me possible upcoming or "likely" to make the next iteration, etc.
                              • Future/visioning/state of ITSM and related space, shift left focus, the "business" aspect of doing business in IT, with BMC tools. This is what I spent my time on at Engage. I'm not attending other "general IT space" conferences, or hadn't during Engage years.


                              Vegas was nice, Disney was nice. I don't know what is driving the decommission here-- reduction on attendance, cost, whatever....


                              I'll attend only if I get face time with those delivering my tools and having direct impact on features/functionality/changes/updates.

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                                Leonard Warren

                                Thanks Scott for the input.


                                The WWRUG Conference ran from 2009 to 2013 under a group of Remedy Consultants and Volunteers.  The format was generally the same as the annual Remedy User Group Conferences from the 90s and early 2000s.  We ran it for three and a half days of training and technology sessions, Technology Showcase of a variety of vendors to include BMC, Night with the BMC Engineers, and ended with a Celebration Party.


                                If BMC Engage 2017 is not happening, we will try and bring back to life the WWRUG Conference Theme; however, our current approach is to open it to more BMC products to include Patrol, Control-M, RemedyForce, and whatever the audience is wanting to see and learn.


                                Granted the primary focus is on training.  We did have the support of BMC during those five years where they sent a group of personnel from various areas to talk about their products at the Showcase.  I cannot guarantee that will happen again as we have not discussed our plans with BMC at this time.  They are at the forefront of our request for support because without them, the conference would not limited to the knowledge of the new features from the Beta players.


                                We are hoping to have a track on the new BMC Innovation Studio products and if version 9.5 is released or close to being released at that time.  Again, this all hinges on BMC dropping BMC Engage 2017 and their willingness to help us.  If this happens, I will keep all informed on the progress of the conference, the agenda and events as they develop.



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                                  Jason Miller
                                  • Networking was not really my primary focus in Engage. Of course I enjoyed seeing some of my favorite BMC contacts, but I didn't meet a lot of regular Joes and Janes. I enjoyed tweeting you, but TBH I didn't see / say hi to many in person.

                                  That pretty much sums up my first 2 or 3 BMC/Remedy conferences. I stuck to myself and just did a lot of listening to conversations (2004 in DC I even skipped a full day to sightsee, but I was with my boss so it was ok). After a few conferences I opened up and was welcomed into a wonderful family of like-minded professionals. Now the networking is largely why I attend. Not only to see my Remedy family but like you mentioned, to discuss the products and their direction with the people responsible.

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                                    Leonard Warren

                                    Thanks Jason.


                                    When I worked for Remedy Corporation starting in 1998, I found out the company was "Family Oriented" and carried that perspective into its conferences.  As time and companies changed hands, the conferences may have changed its format, but the networking between consultants, developers, administrators and Managers was always there.  That is how you find out what others are doing with the product so you can add new features to your own or in my case, to my customers environment.  Plus, new business was always a plus for me as I invested a lot of time and effort in presenting when it was not WWRUG and then time, money, resources and effort into WWRUG events.  So however one looks at it, the yearly event is important to a number of people.  We may start out small like we did in 2009 with 230 people attending; however, we will continue to grow if this year is kicked off again and the attendance is close to that number again.


                                    Again. more to follow but under a different conversation string.

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