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    Are you sure that Patrol for MS SQL Server database space monitoring reports the right values ?

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      Recently i opened a case because when doing mssql remote monitoring and looking at the available space for datafile graphs, the available space shown was wrong according to the DBAs.

      They provided me a screenshot from the windows db server, showing that the datafiles were placed on disk e:\data and that there were more than 25Gb of available space there. The graphs on bppm showed only 1Gb though.

      Doing some investigation with BMC it turned out that MSSQL km (latest version currently available) is not able to handle disks mounted under a mountpoint different from a single letter drive. The km is querying via WMI for logical disks and only single letter drives are returned, so E:\data is considered as E: (but they are different disks!!)

      In my example, the disk where datafiles reside is E:\data (26Gb available) but the km collects info for E: (1Gb available), a local disk.

      Are you aware of this ? Anybody is in the same situation ?