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    It's time for an "In Person" Meetup for Bay Area User Group!

    May Bakken
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      I wanted to see if anyone wanted to meet up "in person" for the Bay Area User Group.

      Let me know and I would  be happy to pull something together so we can regroup and see what we can do to make this a more vibrant community!


      Please comment and let me know where you are located and what location works best

      • BMC San Francisco Campus
      • BMC Santa Clara Campus
      • Other Customer or Partner locations?
      • Suggestions welcomed!

      *BMC is happy to kick off  the year by hosting at one of our campuses but the goal would be for Customers to host them for neutrality!


      Once we select a location, we can then pin down the topics you would be interested in hearing about!


      Feel free to reach out to me at developer@bmc.com or May Bakken