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    Service Analytics is very slow

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      I am just wondering if anybody else is dealing with Service Analytics being very slow? We are using Footprints 12 and have been impressed by the performance when using Footprints 12 forms and home page. But as soon as we click to open a report, it takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes just to open a report, and that doesn't include the time it takes to add filters, fields, and actually run the report. Is anybody else dealing with this issue and possibly have a solution?

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          Nicolas Roome

          Are you using a report based off a saved search or are you building/filtering from scratch? Doing the latter will cause some fairly significant performance problems, especially if you are using an assignee field.

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            Hi Nicolas,


            We are doing the latter. I will try to create some saved searches and hopefully that will help.



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              We have been seeing a huge delay when launching Service Analytics as well as any type of report we open there is serious lag time.

              We rebooted our server last night and not much really changed. There are no other resources running on the server that would cause any slowness.


              Any recommendations?

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                Stacey Bates

                We are experiencing the same thing.   Takes 10 minutes to open a report and then about 10 minutes to download it.   I just noticed that any scheduled reports error out.  I'm assuming they are actually timing out.   I'm working with BMC  on other issues having to do with footprints hanging for 10 or so minutes every hour so we haven't had the opportunity to look into this in detail.   I hope there is an easy fix for this.   Version 20.18.02 has been miserable and we are about ready to ditch footprints and find something else.

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                  Chris VanBuskirk

                  We have had similar experience with all things related to Analytics, starting in 20.18.02 through 20.18.03. I have yet to get it to actually work consistently; just haven't been using it as it is not useful at present. Haven't gotten around to working a case because we have had other FP issues taking priority...

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                    Eva Husted

                    I see that this has been a problem for a little while. I am having this problem as well. I am trying to run a custom report from a saved search. It takes a very long time to run from within Analytics. It's really hard to develop a report when it takes 15-20 minutes to even open the report

                    When I run the search, it runs very quickly. I need to send the data to management so I need to be able to export it and I am not finding a way to do it within FP12.


                    Is there a way around the lag?


                    Version 20.18.03

                    Build 49.3166

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                      Stacey Bates

                      Any updates on this?   We just upgraded to the latest version hoping it would go away but it didn't.   I can't run any scheduled reports.  They all error out.  Running a service analytics report with a saved search takes a good 15 minutes to run and then another 15 minutes to export.    It's somewhat quicker if we don't have the Assignee field but that field is needed in many of our reports.   I have a ticket in but not getting much help.

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                        Eric Liszt

                        Hi Stacey,


                        We are making improvements in the Service Analytics component over the course of several releases.  The first set of improvements were made available in 2019 Release 2.  What this did is update the underlying engine from our reporting vendor and it improved performance in several specific areas.  You can find the details on these in the release note.  We'll be addressing additional performance areas as part of the next release as well.  Once that's done, we'll stop, review, and see what (if any) next steps are needed to make Service Analytics more performant.   I say all this simply so you know we are aware of the issue and are working on it.

                        I also looked at the log from the ticket you logged on this issue yesterday.  I can see the technician offered an initial step in hopes of diagnosing the issue and that you've responded back this afternoon.  I'm confident the technician will be reaching back out to you shortly with the next step in the diagnostic process.   My hope is he'll be able to help you directly.  If not, he'll gather the information needed to help our development team make improvements in the upcoming release.



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                          Paul Tipping

                          Hello Stacey,




                          Can you try the following and let me know if it improves the performance?



                          Make a backup of the file FootPrints\conf\mappings\ApplicationUser.hbm.xml


                          Now edit the file:


                          Search for ApplicationUser.findAllUserIdsAndNames

                          Change the query from:



                                      SELECT us.id as id, us.name as name

                                      FROM {h-schema}v_app_user_summary us






                                      SELECT DISTINCT us.id as id, us.name as name

                                      FROM {h-schema}v_app_user_summary us




                          Save the file.

                          You will need to schedule a Tomcat Restart for the change to take affect.



                          Once restarted if the performance does not seem to change please revert the changes and restart Tomcat once again.

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                            April Pointes

                            We experienced the same issue and after opening a case the following two KB articles were suggested (Our version: FP Version, build 41.8)


                            FootPrints Service Analytics - Report filtering problems after upgrade to FP12


                            Footprints Service Core 12 - Database Reindex Script


                            After the database reindex, the Service Analytics worked much faster, I did perform the steps in the first article however, not sure how much it helped.