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    BMC CMDB 8.1 SP2 - AI Job not triggering on scheduled time

    Manjunath Badiger



      We have following problem.

      AI Jobs are not running/triggering based on configured schedule. Following are environment details, checks that we done.



        Server Group Environment - CMDB 8.1 SP2

        Escalations and AI configured to run on one server (this is not primary server): say: server02 .. this is w.r.t ranking configuration on server group ranking form

        Carte Server is same server as above (server02)


      Assume server01 is primary.


      Checks done:


        Entry is appropriately getting created in form: AR System Pending Job Queue. This means that escalation is running at right time that triggers job run.(Escalation: ASJ:ScheduleJob)

        However the Job itself do not run.


        FYI - AI job runs good when it is ran manually


      Please suggest any inputs to resolve this problem.