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    Menu as a drop down in Smart-IT

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      Hi all,


      I have created a custom menu field and made it available in SmartIT, but I want it to be available as Operational Category i.e as a menu. How can this be achieved.


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          Can anyone help me on this

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            Hi Avishek,


            You need to add it in Change View --> Basics Step if you didn't already.


            You should add field in this forms:

            • CHG:Infrastructure Change
            • CHG:ChangeInterface
            • CHG:ChangeInterface_Create
            • CHG:InfrastructureChange_SLM_Join_Outer (if BMC Service Level Management is installed)


            But be careful on JOIN forms, you need to use menu: right click then add field from not copy / paste it and watch for Database ID of fields to be the same.


            But even do you choose this Basics Step your custom field will be added to bottom of that page when creating new CRQ not in "Operational Category" I have the same problem with Incident Form where only after submitting Incident fields are at the right place...


            I have watched webinars for BMC Innovation suite and BMC mentioned that Innovation suite is considered  for development of Smart IT / My IT.


            Best regards,


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              Mamta Meshram

              Hello Avishek, i have the same question . Did you get to work it as a DROP DOWN MENU and NOT SEARCH MENU in SMART IT ? Please help!!

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                Ours is a custom plugin used to get data from external source which we are able to get properly onto a remedy form but when it is used via SB to be displayed in MyIT it is not displaying.

                External Source ---------> Plugin ---------> Remedy Form ---------> SB -----xxx---> MyIT

                                              (Pass)                  (Pass)                             (Pass)           (Not Displaying)



                Can you let us know what would be the issue, Data able to retrieve from Remedy from using vendor form but after mapping the menu to Vendorform it menu shows as disabled  in MyIT.

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                  Bojan Vladisavljevic

                  Hello Avishek,


                  I know it's a bit old thread but I found the answer. BMC changed a while back behavior of drop-down menus for the performance reasons. It's a lazy mans approach to optimization, but luckily it is reversible.


                  You can set the number of characters needed in order for menu to display the menu values. If you set it to 0 values in menu will be visible when the field is in focus, so you have best of both worlds: visible menu values and search function


                  To configure number of characters for menu to appear go to: AR System Administration Console > System > General Centralized Configuration. In the drop-down menu find com.bmc.arsys.smartit and choose * for all servers. In the list find the configuration "CustomizationTypeAheadLength" and set the value to 0. Once that is done restart Smart IT server's Tomcat and flush browser cache.


                  That should do it.

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                    Dawood Yawanseh



                    Thanks for your greate informtaion but Kinldy inform that you can make this change only on the customized fields, but the OOTB fields will not take affect.

                    where the OOTB feilds will keep showing the option after typing 3 char.

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                      Bojan Vladisavljevic

                      Dawood Yawanseh

                      Correct, this will only affect custom menus, not the out of the box ones. Avishek's question was about the custom menus, so I thought that it was implied