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    TKU December 2016 release Highlights

    Jean Louis Deshairs
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      As you may have seen the TKU December 2016 release was delivered on December 23rd, 2016. As usual, all details about this release can be found on Configipedia here: Technology Knowledge Update 2016-Dec-1 - Configipedia - BMC Documentation.


      In addition to that I would like to highlight two specific items please:


      We now discover "Oracle Engineered Systems" which includes Oracle Exadata (see Idea 5207), Oracle Exalogic, Oracle Big Data Appliance. Please review the details on this page: Oracle Engineered Systems - Configipedia - BMC Documentation .


      TKU for Storage: EMC XtremIO storage systems are now discoverable. Please review the documentation and pre-requisites here: EMC XtremIO Storage Systems - Configipedia - BMC Documentation