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    Trigger two separate jobs from a master job

    Narahari Lakshminarayana



      Here is the scenario.

      I have a Depot Job that I run against a Server group -> Job1

      I have another Depot Job that runs against another single server, this requires the content of Server group of Job 1 as input. -> Job2


      Right now we do this in two sep steps and I am trying to do this in one job.


      I am not sure if a Batch Job can help since the target for Job1 is not the same target for Job2.

      More important target servers for Job1 should be inputs for Job2 and how to get the list is the question.


      Is NSHScript based job my option where I trigger Job1 and wait for its completion and trigger Job2 with that Servergroup data as input to Job2.


      Please help.