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    RBAC allow a new role to see old acl policy

    Todd McDaniel

      This may be a naïve question, but we've created new roles for our end users in BSA, I've created new acl policies and templates and assigned a default template to the new role for new objects. My question is how do I allow my newly created Role to see objects using an existing acl policy? I've attempted to update the Role with the legacy acl policy by right clicking and updating permissions. That didn't work.  I have the patch folder and smart groups updated with Read permissions to allow viewing of the folder structure, but I cant see the rpms under the Catalog smart group for RHEL



      The issue is our patch catalog which I don't want to have to update permissions all my patches in my Linux and Solaris catalogs, I thought I could just add the legacy ACL policy to my newly created role, but for some reason its not picking it up. I don't have space or time to create a second version of my catalogs and then migrate to them.



      Maybe I'm totally misunderstanding how rbac works? Other than updating the patch catalogs with my new ACL policy (which does work) how can I get the new role to see the Legacy ACL policy?