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    When to use BMC_Activity  vs BMC_BUSINESSPROCESS

    Dave DeWolf
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      Hello all - I have a question to see if anyone has modeled business processes.  I have a situation where there could be a process and 3 or 4 sub processes and I am not sure of the best why to model the data.  My first thoughts are to use the business class and relate L1 to L2 to L3 but the challenge is the naming of the CI.  Right now I am using BMC_Activity for the lowest level process and naming them L1:L2:L3... as you can tell that becomes a nightmare to maintain but it is easy for the customer to choose the right process when relating to a problem or incident.  From a reporting perspective they don't want to parse the name, nor should they, but if I add the L1 CI and the L2 CI and relate them then I have to go through and hide them from the end user because the SM for incident and problem only want the lowest levels available for choosing. 


      So my questions are:


      Which class would be better or both?

      Any suggestions on relating the parent process to the child process without making it difficult for the end user?

      Is there a better way to track processes?


      Thanks for any input,



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          Carey Walker

          Hi Dave


          We've stopped short of modelling things to this level of granularity mainly due to the maintenance overheads and other priorities (more the latter than the former).


          However, to answer some of your questions....


          BMC_Activity is the parent class of BMC_BusinessProcess. The other child of BMC_Activity is BMC_Transaction. So you kind of have the option of recording activities (which are generally thought of as being the things you have to do to deliver a Business Service), as a combination of business processes and transactions (either human or system).


          You can relate multiple business processes via a component relationship if you like, to represent a decomposed overall process (kind of your main process plus L1, L2, L3, .. scenario if I understand this correctly).


          In terms of making it easier for end-user (say Incident Management) selection, do you want to track at the granularity of the main BP or do you need to identify the sub-processes?? Sounds like the latter? If you maybe use BMC_BusinessProcess for the main process and then relate BMC_Activity CIs for the sub-processes, you can then at least tell your users to search for BMC_Activity CIs not BMC_BusinessProcess CIs. Naming conventions can help then (e.g. BusinessProcess BP1 has sub processes BMC_Activity AC1:1, AC1:2, AC1:3,..).


          So pretty much what you have done, but using two classes?? (or is that what you are already suggesting?)

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            Dave DeWolf

            Thanks for the reply - I was thinking about using the 2 classes but then reporting becomes a little more difficult but I'll let them decide that.  I think you and I are on the same page with naming conventions.  I have stated to go down the path of component relationships for now but once we try a few that might change to the Activity path.  Either way is better than the Operational Categories that they wanted to store them in!


            Thanks for the input