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    Deployment Management

    Peter Lundqvist
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      So I'm looking at leveraging some of the new functionality in 9.x and one of the things we are struggling with is how things move to production.

      Naturally I was excited by learning of Deployment Management, I had already started work on something very similar using versioning, git and the driver tool, so I am kind of glad this came along (one less thing to maintain).


      From what I've learned so far it looks very nice - I think some in our team will love the SRM functionality!


      The one thing I really dislike is the zip file. I'd much prefer the data was transferred from dev to test (and eventually to prod) automatically using, I don't know, Atrium Integrator or just workflow? I'd much prefer to have a menu Item saying "Promote to test"/"Promote to production", well at least the option.


      A minor issue is dealing with environment specific data like (URLs). It would be nice to have some sort of action to handle issues like that (like in an Atrium Integrator transformation).

      Is anyone else using this yet? What are your experiences?

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          Peter Lundqvist

          So we have hit our first stumbling block.

          It seems we can only deploy new versions of SRM packages (no existing SRD). If we try to update an existing SRD we get this status reason:

          Error: ARMigratePlugin: failed to validate SRM data: return code 30 return message 
          Error Type: Warning
          Error Description: :Imported SRD skipped.
          Solution: The import process has encountered a warning. The imported SRD has been skipped because it has the same values of unique indexes as an existing SRD. (Beställning Övervakning)
          Error Type: Warning
          Error Description: :Imported SRD entitlement definition has been skipped
          Solution: The import process has encountered a warning because an imported SRD entitlement definition has the same name as an existing SRD entitlement definition. The imported SRD entitlement definition and related entitlement rule have been skipped. (SRD - SRD000000000242 - Beställning Övervakning)
          Error Type: Error
          Error Description: :000000000000197
          Solution: Validate:  Validation of staged data has completed with errors.  Cannot continue with import without changing import options.
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            Dioso De Chavez


            Were you able to figure out on how to rectify?  If so, can you please provide?

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              Peter Lundqvist

              Sorry, I have no solution as of now. However, we haven't really had time to test this since, so depending on what version you are using you might have better luck.

              If you've tried a more recent version I'd be happy for an update. We are working on pushing out the door, I will try to supply a test result after that.

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                Dioso De Chavez

                We're on 9.1.03.  Encountering similar issue when trying to re-deploy an existing SRD package

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                  David Conrow

                  We had the same issue with v9.1.03.  There is a hot fix from v9.1.02  which didn't roll up to v9.1.03.  After applying the hot fix to our v9.1.03 instance, i was able to import existing SRDs on the target side with the Deployment Mgt Console.  The hot fix is SRM_91SP2_2017June12_SW00530703_ALL.  The link to the KB article is https://bmcsites.force.com/casemgmt/sc_KnowledgeArticle?sfdcid=kA214000000YTl9CAG&type=Solution.  Hopefully, this helps anyone still having issues with this.

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