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    Delta Data Migration (DDM) instructions on handling "additional data"

    Martin Noack
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      Hi guys


      I'm a little bit confused regarding the latest version of Delta Data Migration (DDM) documentation (9.1.02):


      Please check following documentation:


      At the beginning, "additional data" is defined as follows (section: "Searching for additional data"):

      "To determine the forms to which the upgrade process has added data"

      You shall find the form by running AREntryCounter utlitly with start data = date of upgrade installation.

      Hence it should return form data added by the installer.


      So far so good.

      Now in section "Product forms with additional data" (which hasn't been there before SP2 by the way) there are the following instructions:
      "When you upgrade to BMC Remedy ITSM version 9.1.02 SP2, the installer creates additional data in certain forms. Before you migrate your delta data, ensure that you delete the additional data from the following forms:"
      Followed by a table of forms.


      I don't understand these instructions. I can hardly believe that we really should delete form data created by installer in these forms. Also there are now instruction on how to actually identify the records and how to delete them.

      I raised a ticket with BMC for clarification but I'm not really expecting them to understand what I mean.


      Therefore I also turn to the community:

      What do you think?

      What are your best practices regarding DDM?

      Do you follow the instructions from BMC by the book?

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          Hi All,


          I'm also following the steps which are mention in the below link. Steps are bit confused and not clear.

          Estimating your data size for migration with the AREntryCounter utility - BMC Remedy ITSM Deployment 9.1 - BMC Documenta…

          Also I gave a try to run the AREntryCount utility by following the steps mentioned in the above link but after running the utility getting message on command prompt


          echo off


          Execution took 0.175 seconds.


          Anyone has any suggestion or clear steps to run this utility will be appreciable.

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            Rajeev Rai

            Use below command to see count:


            open command prompt in windows where AREntryCounter.bat is located and just updated date in below command and run one by one.


            AREntryCounter.bat -k "C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\Migrator\migrator\DeltaDataMigration\Packages\ARCore\7.6.04\AR_Core_Package.xml" -d "11/22/2018 02:57:35 PM IST" -s ars -u Demo -p arsystem -x 3000 -o AR_counts.txt


            AREntryCounter.bat -k "C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\Migrator\migrator\DeltaDataMigration\Packages\Atrium\CMDB\7.6.04\AtriumPackage.xml" -d "11/22/2018 02:57:35 PM IST" -s ars -u "Demo" -p "arsystem" -x 3000 -o AtriumCMDB_counts.txt


            AREntryCounter.bat -k "C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\Migrator\migrator\DeltaDataMigration\Packages\Atrium\AIE\7.6.04\AIE_Package.xml" -d "11/22/2018 02:57:35 PM IST" -s ars -u "Demo" -p "arsystem" -x 3000 -o AtriumAIE_counts.txt


            AREntryCounter.bat -k "C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\Migrator\migrator\DeltaDataMigration\Packages\Atrium\ProductCatalog\7.6.04\ProductCatalogpackage.xml" -d "11/22/2018 02:57:35 PM IST" -s ars -u "Demo" -p "arsystem" -x 3000 -o AtriumPCT_counts.txt


            AREntryCounter.bat -k "C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\Migrator\migrator\DeltaDataMigration\Packages\ITSM\7.6.04\ITSM_AST_Package.xml" -d "11/22/2018 02:57:35 PM IST" -s ars -u "Demo" -p "arsystem" -x 3000 -o Asset_counts.txt


            AREntryCounter.bat -k "C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\Migrator\migrator\DeltaDataMigration\Packages\ITSM\7.6.04\ITSM_Change_Package.xml" -d "11/22/2018 02:57:35 PM IST" -s ars -u "Demo" -p "arsystem" -x 3000 -o Change_counts.txt


            AREntryCounter.bat -k "C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\Migrator\migrator\DeltaDataMigration\Packages\ITSM\7.6.04\ITSM_SD_Package.xml" -d "11/22/2018 02:57:35 PM IST" -s ars -u "Demo" -p "arsystem" -x 3000 -o ServicDesk_counts.txt


            AREntryCounter.bat -k "C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\Migrator\migrator\DeltaDataMigration\Packages\ITSM\7.6.04\ITSM_Fnd_Package.xml" -d "11/22/2018 02:57:35 PM IST" -s ars -u Demo -p "arsystem" -x 3000 -o ITSMFoundation_counts.txt


            AREntryCounter.bat -k "C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\Migrator\migrator\DeltaDataMigration\Packages\SRM\7.6.04\SRM_Package.xml" -d "11/22/2018 02:57:35 PM IST" -s ars -u "Demo" -p "arsystem" -x 3000 -o SRM_counts.txt


            AREntryCounter.bat -k "C:\Program Files (x86)\BMC Software\Migrator\migrator\DeltaDataMigration\Packages\SLM\7.6.04\SLM_Package.xml" -d "11/22/2018 02:57:35 PM IST" -s ars -u "Demo" -p "arsystem" -x 3000 -o SLM_counts.txt