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    Mainview for DB2; Workload Monitors


      I’m new to posting in this area, so if this question should be posted somewhere else, let me know.  I’m looking for some help with Mainview for DB2….specifically, in the Workload Monitors area.  The following is an example of one of our subsystems:



      CM Serv  Parm     Title                   Monitor Warning


      -- ----- -------- ----------------------- Value   Value     -8-6-4-2-0+2+4+6+8+


         PRLGF          DBP6 COND GETPAGE FAIL    20.4K  1.0000 | >>>>>>>>>W>>>>>>>>>


         LOGWR FORCE    DBP6 LOG WRT FORCE       297.0   1.0000 | <<<<<<<<<W<<<<<<<<<


         #GSUS DBP6GSUS DBP6 GLOBAL CONT SUSP    241.0   1.0000 | >>>>>>>>>W>>>>>>>>>


         PFIOF          DBP6 P/F FAILURE        80.0000  1.0000 | <<<<<<<<<W<<<<<<<<<


         PRLQF          DBP6 PARALLEL FAILS     57.0000  1.0000 | <<<<<<<<<W<<<<<<<<<


         PRL12          DBP6 P/F HALFED         32.0000  1.0000 | <<<<<<<<<W<<<<<<<<<


         GCTPG BP33     DBP6 GBP CASTOUT PGS    21.0000  1.0000 | <<<<<<<<<W<<<<<<<<<


         GCTPG BP34     DBP6 GBP CASTOUT PGS    15.0000  1.0000 | <<<<<<<<<W<<<<<<<<<


         #GFAL DBP6GFAL DBP6 FALSE CONT SUSP     9.0000  1.0000 | <<<<<<<<<W<<<<<<<<<


         GNEG           DBP6 NEGOTIATE P-LOCK    770.0   100.0  | >>>>>>>>>W>>>>>>>>>


         GCTPG BP31     DBP6 GBP CASTOUT PGS       6.9K    1.0K | >>>>>>>>>W>>>>>>>>>


         GCTPG BP32     DBP6 GBP CASTOUT PGS       4.0K    1.0K | >>>>>>>>>W>>>>>>>>>


         GNEG  CHNG     DBP6 NEGOTIATE P-LOCK    342.0   100.0  | >>>>>>>>>W>>>>>>>>>


         GNEG  PGSET    DBP6 NEGOTIATE P-LOCK    255.0   100.0  | >>>>>>>>>W>>>>>>>>>


         GNEG  OTHER    DBP6 NEGOTIATE P-LOCK    100.0   100.0  | <<<<<<<<<W

      Notice the warning values have never been set?  They appear to be taking the default.  Do you have any recommendations as to what value to use for these monitors?  I know some of these will be….”it depends.”  And I know this will vary from one subsystem to another.  But, I’m looking for general guidelines. 


      For example, ???? LOG WRT FORCE is set to 1.  The current value is 556.  Maybe this issue will always happen and this is normal.  Maybe we set this 700 and monitor from there.  Maybe more than 10 is bad.


      Are you aware of any recommendations or guidelines to start with?  


      Thanks, Tom

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          Simon Chang

          Hi Tom


          You are correct the default settings are very generic. What we recommend is that after these monitors have been activated and have collected sufficient history, the warning thresholds should be reviewed and adjusted for each DB2 target.  To ensure your exceptions will be triggered accurately, review the following steps:


          A. Select the plot of recent history for each active monitor from the Start monitors (SM) view.


          B. Compare the threshold (shown with a vertical line of Ws if defined) to the average values measured (top three lines of the graph), and also to the  maximum value measured (shown at the bottom of the graph, either alone or as the highest value in the range distribution).


          C. Adjust the threshold so that a warning is triggered only when the condition is serious enough to warrant attention.


          Several years ago, we did publish a MainView Best Practices - Event Management guide, which has a section relating to the DB2 Monitors, if you would like a copy drop me an email - sichang@bmc.com