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    BSA 8.8 AIX Patching Failed

    Vipul Pawaskar



      We are patching AIX server(upgrading AIX 7.1 TL03 t o TL04 SP2) through BSA but its getting failed. PFA logs for your reference.


      From the logs, it seems there is dependency issue for some missing filesets so I believe patching is getting failed because of this.  So we asked unix team to resolve dependency issue but they are saying missing patches count showing in BSA is too big(378 filesets missing) and also they did not face dependency issue while patching aix server manually(very rarely faced). Also I understood from them they are doing minimum OS installation(manually patching from DVD) to update the filesets which upgrades TL.


      So is there any way in BSA where we can include minimum OS installation to update the fileset? I hope if we do minimum OS installation to update the filesets then dependency issue should not come in BSA.


      Any help would be appreciated.