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    Remove older verisons of software, not marked irrelevant

    Todd McDaniel



      We are running version of BSA


      I have a question about our Windows catalogs. We have been doing some cleanup work of our databases and I started looking at the patch catalog.


      I've noticed for instance we have 72 versions of apache tomcat that are in the Windows nonOS catalog. none of them are marked irrelevant. Similar with a few other apps. 32 versions of winzip going back to version 14


      First how much effect if any does this have on patch analysis and secondly, is there any way to remove them without having them download again the next time and also remove from the metadata if possible without having to delete it and redownload the meta?

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          Bill Robinson

          the patches may be obsolete but not irrelevant - i believe they will only be tagged as irrelevant if the vendor removes the patch from their site.


          the old versions are likely there because they are associated w/ bulletins.  even though there are new patches/bulletins, you may want to only patch to a certain bulletin instead of the latest.


          i don't think you can remove the 'old' bulletins and patches w/o having them re-added on the next CUJ.


          is this causing a problem?