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    BLPortal 2.2 challenges

    Craig Dockter

      I'm having a couple of issues with BladeLogic Portal 2.2 and BSA 8.9.


      The first was self-inflicted but is bothering me because I can't find a way to fix it.  I started a batch job operation in the portal.  A constituent job failed so I canceled the batch job in the BSA console.  Ever since, the portal has displayed that the operation is still running.  I have tried restarting the portal server and all appservers.  I've waited for the job timeout (180 minutes).  I've waited for more than 24 hours.  I've deleted the failed job runs in the console.  I get an error, "FSM failed to execute.  Got error in state start:..." when I try to sync the job results.  The delete option is grayed out in the portal so I can't delete and recreate the operation.


      The second is a permissions issue.  When I create a new NSH operation in the portal based on a NSH script (not an existing NSH job), I can browse and select targets during the operation definition.  Once the operation is saved and I try to edit it I get the dreaded "The BladeLogic Job you have selected is read only and does not allow modifications.".  I'm not sure what changes between the definition phase and the edit attempt.  The role can modify the targets for the job created by the portal operation in the BSA console so it should have all the privileges needed to modify the targets in the portal.



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