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    BMC ADDM Application Modeling - SAAM !

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      - We're facing serious trouble with the application modelling thru SAAM or in v11.x.

      i'm gonna explain it in a very simple way here :


      - for an example, i had created an application model of my own ADDM group of appliances where i have 1 Consolidation Server and 3 Scanner addm servers.

      - i kept only these 4 addm appliances and 3 Windows proxy servers into my ADDM application model and published the model.

      - So i should now have a model named ADDM which should have only 7 servers in it.

      - then i linked this ADDM application to my Business Service which is ITSM.


      The problems are :


      1. Review Suggestions -> i desperately need a button to decline the review suggested to me for the applications i create. there's only one option so far to Accept Changes.

      - this is adding other related nodes to my application and same is being synced to CMDB where i see unwanted nodes which is really changing the Impact analysis of my applications.

      - it takes a lot of time to review the suggestion which i really don't want to do.


      2. PDF Report of Applications -> there's No option to get the application into PDF. then how do i generate a pdf report and send to my application owners?

      - it's there in CAM but not in SAAM. bad thing. please advice on this??


      3. PDF Report stuff -> i need to keep only Application names, hostnames and databases into my application report thru PDF. is it possible?


      4. unwanted ADDM relationships into CMDB datasets : Due to the Review suggestion it adds up unwanted nodes into my cmdb datasets which is totally wrong as per my ADDM environment. for example below is my ADDM model view and same one is from CMDB view. and both look different and wrong to me.


      1. ADDM view :


      2. CMDB View: the Red marked in below diagram is no-where related to my ADDM application. they are Skyp servers and i have not kept them into my model, though they appear. why?

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          Paul Anderson

          Are you using BMC_Discvery 11.0 or 11.1.  The 11.1 release had a number of SAAM enhancements that may help.

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            i was using 11.0 and now using 11.1. these issues are there in both versions.


            the Review Suggestion don't have an option do decline the changes in both versions either. this is really hitting us back from all where.


            moreover the PDF report is not available to extract for Application thru SAAM


            No Core switch to Edge switch connectivity yet in ADDM. i'm chasing this from last 1.6 years but not done yet.


            suggestions please....

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              No Feedback Experts ??

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                Kerryn Wood

                Hi Sumeet,


                Worth noting that we cannot comment on future feature delivery dates on public forums. If you need more information or want comment on future features then raise a support request or speak to your account representative.


                The large orange box that says a review is suggested has "More Info", note the text in bold below. While that isn't the "don't accept changes" button you're looking for it's the available functionality and will resolve your unwanted nodes too.

                The system automatically maintains application models during discovery. This model has changed significantly after recent discovery, so its maintenance has been suspended. The system suggests a review of the current model to make sure it contains the right information.



                Nodes that are highlighted in red have been added to the model, but any further nodes related to them have not been. If you accept these changes, maintenance will resume, and further nodes may be added to the model during subsequent discovery. You may click through to highlighted nodes to see additional related nodes, and immediately add them to the model if appropriate.



                To remove nodes that do not belong in the model, edit the model accordingly and re-publish it.

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                  For the unwanted nodes, please see Kerryn's reply - you need to edit the model and remove anything that's irrelevant.


                  For the reports, currently there's no functionality of creating ad-hoc reports for SAAM models. Although you can use manual groups functionality.


                  You can add your model into a manual group and generate a PDF report for it. In "high detail" mode that will list Hosts, SoftwareInstances, SoftwareComponents, Database elements etc.


                  If it suits you, you can even have a group that contains subgroups with multiple models - then you can create reports selectively - you can control the level of details per subgroup.


                  To do this:

                  1. Navigate to your Model Definition, then use the "Actions" menu to create a manual group or add the model to an existing group.
                  2. Open the Manual Groups panel and navigate to the group
                  3. Set your reporting levels in the group
                  4. Click Actions -> Generate PDF report.
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                    these options i'm already aware of and played around before asking here


                    1. it's again the same thing that i have to spend time in removing nodes given by review suggested each day. as without accepting the changes and simply editing the model and Re-publishing it adds the suggested nodes to my app model.


                    even if i manually remove the nodes and re-publish the model, after next discovery again the same review is suggested. that's a biggest problem.


                    2. By now i do the same thing. i add the SAAM model into a manual group and generate a report but that report don't have the software context diagram in it. that has only theory part of servers, SIs DBs etc.


                    CAM PDF report used to have a visual diagram as well into PDF.


                    not sure how to head for this ahead

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                      Duncan Grisby

                      When you remove nodes from an application model, the system will not add them back. It might add similar-looking things back, but not the same ones you removed. If it appears as though the exact same things are being repeatedly added to your model, we need to look in more detail to see what is going on.

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                        i'm not really sure if the same nodes are added repeatedly but you guys really need to check the "Review Suggested" facility in here.


                        for an example : my ADDM model is discovering all CIs which are part of some of the model, so Review Suggested keeps on adding all of those CIs which are discovering through ADDM and that is NOT needed for us.


                        we couldn't afford time everyday to review ALL model daily and remove nodes manually.


                        I request you guys to please do something better for this Review suggestion option. allow your consumer to save their time not wasting time everyday for this...


                        If you see below out of 25 models i have 22 suggestions.i remove nodes manually for them and next day again i have Review for all of them which is a big pain...

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                          Duncan Grisby

                          It is not normal for SAAM to keep adding new nodes to a model on every scan. Can you give some screenshots of one of your models, one when you have it looking like you want, and another after a single scan that has added nodes and moved it into the Review Suggested state?

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                            sure -


                            (1) BMC ADDM application -


                            Original Application model (Before Review Suggested) -


                            Post Review Suggestion -


                            (2) Lync Application -


                            Original Application model (Before Review Suggested) -


                            Post Review Suggestion - this one is making me crazy, it has added everything by Review suggested and i couldn't even think about removing dozens of nodes...


                            Mohammad Danish

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                              James Ramsey



                              We're having the same issues here at Parkview, regarding your comment.. I noticed when removing nodes from a model it does increments the "removed nodes" counter and allows you to save and shows in the history the nodes were removed. However, once you republish the model.. the node counter resets back to what it was and so does the history.


                              Next time the Discovery runs its adding rouge data to our models.


                              Running Discovery



                              Any thoughts?


                              James Ramsey

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                                If you see, within few hours i have again new Nodes added to my BMC Discovery application model which i showed you in above above diagram.


                                the new Review Suggestion looks like below : (Red circle nodes).



                                To explain a little what these new suggested nodes are? -> these nodes are few databases partitions hosting on a physical server and are meant for other applications. we Do Not need these nodes to be added to our Discovery model as they're apart from our discovery application model.


                                So each time it keeps giving us new nodes as suggestion. very frequently.i.e.DAILY....

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                                  It happens exactly the same with me what James Ramsey has described above for Removed Nodes Re Review Suggested..


                                  using Running Discovery as well.

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                                    - I'm not sure if it's a usual work of SAAM but i'm seeing that many nodes have been Destroyed automatically without our intervention. we haven't even logged in since friday and it has been done through the system flag.


                                    - this would impact our applications. could experts please suggest on this?


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