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    using latest version of PDI

    Ruediger Tams

      Dear BMC and community,


      imagine this kind of szenario:

      Customer downloads the latest version of Pentaho Data Integrator (Spoon/Kettle), e.g. Version 7 or Version 6.1,
      from https://sourceforge.net/projects/pentaho/files/Data%20Integration/ and installs it successfully.
      The installation of Atrium CMDB with Atrium Integrator for ITSM 8/9.1 already exist.
      Now this Atrium Integrator installation should be integrated manually with the PDI 6.1 or 7 version installed on a different environment
      by integrating the ARS connectors and changing the configuration of the old AI integration (with the old version to the ootb delivered PDI 4.1) to the new PDI Version.
      The result in the end would be that AI and PDI 6.1 or 7 are integrated and work together and won't use the Version 4.1 any more.
      Is this possible?
      - What would be the steps to include ARS connectors in PDI?
      - Is an upgrade of the repository from 4.1 to 6.1 or 7 necessary?
      - What would be the steps to make the PDI repository available for AI (and for Job Console)?
      - What would be the steps to integrate AI with this PDI repository?

      Thank you.