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    Software auditing

    Kemp Goode
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           I would like to audit Microsoft and Adobe software on my network, and display reporting regarding which machines are running applications from these manufacturers in particular.  Is there a way, or best practice to make this happen in TrackIT 11.4?  Has anyone had success in this kind of software auditing, or can anyone offer any tips to steer me in the right direction?


      Thank you in advance.

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          Hi Kemp,


          We have few inbuilt reports that may help you pulling such information in Track-It! for the Audited machines.


          Go to Reports Module in Track-It!, select the Report by Module as Inventory from above the grid and you will see the below reports in the list.


          You may try running the reports called "Audited Software by Manufacturer" or "Audited Software by Product" or "Tracked Software by Product" in Track-It! Reports Module and check if that helps.


          Hope this helps.


          Raman Indla

          Track-It! Technical Support.

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            David Dunbar

            I have a similar situation as Kemp where I want to track software. I am reviewing the report "Tracked Software by Product" and not all software products are showing up in the report, Like ArcGIS.


            How can we include additional software products to this report?