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    Can we automate Bladelogic Threat Director tasks like "scan results import from Nessus"?

    Rohit Patwi

      Hi Folks,


      We are in process of exploring and creating a fully functional environment of Bladelogic Threat Director for vulnerability management and remediation.


      BL Threat Director imports scan results from external vulnerability scanner like Nessus, Qualys or Rapid7. However, here's few queries that


      • Can we automate "scan results import" task in Bladelogic Threat Director for regular management of vulnerabilities?
      • Can we automate Server enrollment process in threat director for auto remediation?
      • Can we apply some policy which will identify few required servers for remediation action Out of all the enrolled servers in Threat Director?


      Please provide some insights which will be really helpful.


      Thanks and Regards,