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    “Custom Selection” and ${CUST_FILTER(*)} - TrueSight Capacity Optimization

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      I have two table/database BCO_OWN.pv_wkld_metric and bco_own.pv_workload. They are joint by wkldid.


      Currently, when a site name is applied/clicked, only its associated fields values (LOCATIONID) are populated in the next filter box.


      Want to Do:

      When a site name is clicked/applied, I want all field values from that site to populate in the next filter box, as well as some of field values from other sites to populate.


      For example:

      Site Name = Zone 1, Unassigned

      So, when Zone 1 is applied/clicked, I want all the Zone 1’s LOCATIONID and its sub-fields to show up in the filter, as well as some (all the *J* LOCATIONID) of the Unassigned’s LOCATIONID and its sub-fields to show up.


      Initial Issue:

      Site data were coming into the database with the wrong assignment (going to "unassigned" instead of "zone 1").