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    Service Request not Editable

    Joshua Lenning
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      We have a service request that is for requesting a new server. We have the SR going through approval, then generating a Change Request. We are leaving the SR open but the Input fields are read-only.  Our goal is that we collect Server details from the original submission, but AFTER the team has deployed a server, we want to fill out the remaining Service Request input fields. It is a "checklist" of items that need to be answered for every deployment.  Ideally we want it to be in the same Service Request.


      On this page, it states "Clients will be able to edit a service request only if there is no approval needed or all approvals for the service request are pending or rejected and the fulfillment process has not started (no change requests or tasks have been created)."  I read that as Clients can't edit them in the self service portal. But shouldn't Staff be able to edit in the console?  (Yes, we have edit enabled in the console.)


      I may not be aware but if the request is submitted by an admin account would that be the reason it's read-only?