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    BSA 8.9 - import from 8.x?

    Dale Reagan

      I am testing BSA 8.9 - which requires that I 'bring in' jobs/scripts/etc from 8.9.


      I know that I could copy the 8.6 install and upgrade it to 8.9 and, hopefully, 'done';  however, that requires significant resources and time (and will of course be done when we 'upgrade'.)


      In this case, I am creating a New environment but want to bring in our custom tools/jobs.


      I tried exporting several 'jobs' - but they would not import in the 8.9 instance.


      There should be a  'simpler' way to replicate between environments - perhaps I have missed it, sooo, posting here.



      export ALL jobs from folder: [/BladeLogic/Jobs/System_Jobs]

      export ALL scripts from folder: [/BladeLogic/Depot/Scripts]


      Of course, I can manually re-create all these BSA goodies - I would prefer a method less prone to error.




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          Bill Robinson

          Right now the only thing you can export/import between different bsa versions is component templates and blpackages associated w/ them.  and even that is not entirely version neutral…


          So there are two parts of this:

          - version neutral export/import

          - method to easily export a certain set of objects and import them to another env…


          Sounds like this should be an ‘idea’.

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            Dale Reagan

            Thanks, yes - while looking for a solution I thought I saw a 'generic export/import' on the 'suggestion list' (that has been there a while...)


            Just created the 8.9 'unreleased' docs hoping to find a solution - no love...


            After looking at some 'exports' from 8.6 it looks like all the 'data' is there [and if the DB goodies were 'missing' then we would have a 'generic' format] that could be extracted and used via BLCLI commands to re-recreate things, but, that would involve a lot of 'parsing' to get to a solution (all the commands needed to create the job)... I might give that a whirl for just NSH scripts/jobs.


            Hmm, I suppose you could:

            - replicate your 8.x BSA DB to a 'migration resource' state

            - remove ALL content that is not relevant to the new environment

            - then 'upgrade' until you reach the desired version

            - then export desired content and move into the new 8.9


            Seems like a bit 'much'...


            Here's my 'real idea' - instead of 'export':

            - provide an option to generate all the blicli commands needed to create any object in BSA?




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              Bill Robinson

              Why aren’t you just upgrading your existing env ?

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                Dale Reagan
                1. BSA 8.9 needs 'testing'; having an easy/simple version-neutral means to replicate BSA 'content' would reduce the level of effort required to test at least some of our 'custom goodies'....
                2. BSA 8.9 is for a *new* environment - so we don't really want to 'mix in' extraneous 'data' from the 8.6 prod instance...





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                  Bill Robinson

                  So you want to set up a net new bsa environment to manage some environment that is not covered by the current ‘prod’ env ?  and you want to import some useful objects from the current prod env ?

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                    Dale Reagan

                    Yes, that is correct - replicate 'useful objects' from 8.6 to 8.9 with some 'automation'; manual replication certainly 'works' and is fine for a few things; not so good for many...




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                      Dale Reagan

                      Ok, we found a means to get this working (import from 8.6 to 8.9); it does require some XML tinkering, and, your mileage will vary .


                      8.9 exports have a new 'element' that you must also add in the appropriate location in the XML file for the type of items that you are importing to get imports (from 8.6) working, i.e. in my case, for an NSH Script job, in the XML section containing '<object class="SDepotObject">', I added:



                           <field name="externalRepository">false</field> ## new in 8.9 for Git;


                      ## code snippet ## 2nd line is a bit longish...

                      sed -e 's/blmodel_version="8.6"/blmodel_version="8.9"/g' \

                      -e 's/<field name="warnings">false<\/field>/<field name="warnings">false<\/field>|<field name="externalRepository">false<\/field>/g' | tr '|' '\n'


                      ## code snippet end ##