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    Integration of BSA with Atrium  : BSA 8.5

    Rohini Chaudhari



      I am integrating BSA with Atrium. To integrate we need to enabled the options in BSA console.




      After enabling those options, I have configured it. Now, the BladeLogic application server needs to be able to connect to the Server TCP/IP port for the Atrium instance.


      This can be found on the AR System Administration Console, “Ports and Queues” tab.


      I have found the port of TCP/IP on AR System but in Bladelogic Application server where do we need to make an entry and how to check whether BladeLogic application server is communicating with Server TCP/IP port for the Atrium instance.


      Below for this, I have the entered the following details and when I click on save I get the below error. Please  find the screenshot for the same.




      Please, suggest for the same.



      Rohini Chaudhari.