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    Version Number for Host going to BMC_ComputerSystem missing

    Dave DeWolf
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      Hello all -

           I have an odd situation where VersionNumber is no longer populating as "server" for hosts in the bmc.addm dataset.  This seems to have occurred around the time of our upgrade to 8.1 on the remedy side in November of last year.  This may have been a custom sync mapping but I am not able to find it in any of our archives so I wonder if ADDM set it at one point and then stopped or the upgrade had something to do with it?


      Any help would be appreciated since nothing normalizes or reconciles because there is not a unique match in the Product Catalog.  I know I can create a Unknown version but that would break a few internal policies.


      ERROR (120516): Could not find any unique entry in the Product Catalog. Product Catalog Key: null, Model: VMware, Manufacturer: VMware Inc., Version: null, Patch: null