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    Property dictionary remove of incorrect property

    Tymen Abels

      Hello Community,


      I do have a small topic about removing an property in the property dictionary of BMC Server Automation Suite.

      We are developing some compliance rules which uses custom created properties in the Builtin server class.


      Lately in our test environment I made a small mistake. Accidentally I created the property as a string value instead of a list string value.

      Since I tested the property in one compliance rule, BSA finds that the property is now in use. regardless the fact that I have removed all components, and references in compliance rules.

      So I am pretty sure that the property is not used. But for BSA, I can only deprecate the property instead of removing, and therefore not able to create the property as list string.


      It is not supported as far as I know, but I do like to know what workarround is in place to remove the property by modifying MS SQL database used for BSA.

      I do have enough backups to restore the database in case the modification leads into malfunction.


      Thanks for all your replies