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    Wait Cursor after Closing Request Details

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      Midtier SP5 with latest Service Pack (older versions as well)

      Midtier 8.1SP2

      Affected Browseer - Firefox


      Here's the case.


      In Firefox, while in SRM and you view the Service Request Details, you close the window, and click Popular Services or Browse Catalog the wait cursor continues to spin.


      Only if you refresh the Browser will the console complete the window close; however the console will only come back to Browse Catalog regardless of which link you selected.


      This issue was also brought up in the discussion Busy icon on SRM - that discusssion was "assumed answer" with no actual fix mentioned.


      The culprit is actually  the active link SRS:SHR:CloseWindow_Javascript. The Run If Qualification looks for ($BROWSER$ LIKE "%Netscape%") OR ($BROWSER$ LIKE "%Mozilla%") and the Run Process Command Line is javascript window.closed()


      Disabling this AL will resolve the issue.


      My assumption is that the mozilla ClientCore.js was fixed at sometime but the AL was forgotten.


      Hope this helps anyone who has a customer that experiences this behavior.