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    Issue with the creation of a new Provisioning Type

    Artur Kominek

      Hello community,


      I have some issue to create a new System Package Type.

      In the Provisioning Manager Configuration within the new System Package Type I try to configure the Installer location.

      Adding the Datatore works so far but at the moment I try to add the Installer location I get a error message:

      <To browse the datastore, it needs to have BSA agent running and added as a managed server.>


      This also appears when I try to add a RSCD Installer Configuration.



      I am a little bit curious about this message because the PxeDatastore is located on our PXE server which has the BSA agent running and the server is managed by BSA - browsing the server is possible too.

      I checked if there are any DSN related issues, our pxe server is able to communicate with the appserver.

      We also have several other System Packages with the same DataStore configuration and they are working fine as they are - although I am not able to change the settings on then. (same problem as described before)


      Does someone have any ideas how to solve this problem?


      Kind regards