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    Question on Windows Catalog Update behavior

    Steffen Kreis



      i have opened a support ticket for what i think is a weird behavior when running a Catalog Update Job (CUJ) against a Windows Server catalog, but i wanted to ask if you guys see the same.


      We maintain a Windows Server catalog with the following filters:

      - Windows Server 2003

      - Windows Server 2008

      - Windows Server 2012

      - MSXML

      - MSDOTNET

      - Internet Explorer



      The catalogs are offline catalogs and we point it to the Patch Payload we have downloaded using the PatchDownloader Utlitity beforehand.


      What we notice since several BSA versions (up to BSA 8.9) is that when we run multiple CUJ's in a row (within several minutes) against a catalog that is in the environment for quite a while, the CUJ always "touches" several Bulletins and Hotfixes everytime we run the CUJ, although we use the same Shavlik Metadata all the time.


      The Job Log will always contain entries like this:


      Updated metadata information for bulletin : MSWU-445
      Updated metadata information for bulletin : MS12-081
      Updated metadata information for bulletin : MS06-014


      The update of this catalog will therefore always take several minutes since it tries to update a lot of Bulletins everytime.

      For one of our catalogs it will now always update 792 Bulletins.




      When i create a completely fresh Catalog from scratch, of course the initial CUJ takes a while cause it creates all the items, but any follow-up CUJ with the same XML only takes 19 seconds !! since BSA "knows" there is no need to touch anything.



      I just wanted to know if others see the same behaviour ?

      Since we can't run a PAJ during the Catalog updates we try to limit the time an update takes to an absolute minimum and when we just have a Shavlik Update the fixes some Detection Logic we don't want it to take a long time since it cycles through a lot of Bulletins.


      One catalog we have this in an extreme manner is a catalog that contains Microsoft Office in all versions.

      An update here without any XML change takes up to 40 minutes, which is far from being ideal.