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    Question on update of Shavlik product_categories.xml in BSA 8.9

    Steffen Kreis



      i know that from BSA 8.8 onwards there is some mechanism that updates the Shavlik product_categories.xml.

      I am trying to understand what triggers such an update, because in reality we don't want it to happen !


      The reason is that we are using a custom product_categories.xml file were we disable most of the Windows Server Editions that we don't use here.

      We disable stuff like:

      - non R2 Editions for 2008 and 2012

      - Web Edition

      - Essential or Foundation Edition

      - etc.


      This speeds up the catalog Update process for us and saves us from a ton unused Depot Objetcs to be created.


      We now just had the situation were all of a sudden the "default" product_categories.xml was used again and all the cr*p was created.


      Does anybody know what triggers this ?