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    Custom Actions development in BNA

    Amol Kotwal

      Hi Experts,


      We are developing custom action in BNA for some show commands such as "sh ip int br" and "sh int | i notconnect".

      I have created xml file for "sh ip int br" command by taking reference of inbuilt custom actions such as "Get System Serial Number".

      But when i try to upload it to BNA, i am getting below error:-


      Also unable to understand how to capture commands output?

      As i have seen capture section of custom action "Get System Serial Number" is something like this:-


      <capture buffer=".*Serial Number:\s+(\S+)" ignoreFailure="true">

      <property name="result.pbid">{1}</property>



      What will be the logic for capturing the output of commands?


      Your help would be appreciated.


      Thanks & Regards,

      Amol Kotwal