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    VMWare Content Library

    Steffen Kreis



      does anybody make use of the VMWare Content Library in order to manage templates AND can deploy these templates through BSA ?


      In our tests BSA does not see the templates that are located in the library and hence we can't deploy them.



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          Akbar Aziz

          Hi Steffen,


          I have not see the content library before. Can we setup a call where you can show me the type of content that is stored in the library so we can better understand the use-case?

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            Steffen Kreis



            the VMWare Content Library was introduced in VSphere 6.0 and is basically a way how to replicate and distribute VMWare Templates across different VCenters.


            Have a look at this blog post:




            Since we manage and deploy to several independent VCenters around the globe in our environment we always have the hassle on how to make sure all VCenter Hosts have the same and correct Templates available so we can deploy them using a VGP/VGJ.


            The Content Library is VMWares build-in solution to this.


            The issue with BSA today is that through the VCenter CO we are unable to see the Templates that are inside the Content Library and due to that we are unable to deploy them.


            I am happy to join a call with you and our VMWare Engineers to discuss this in further detail.




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              Aaron Foltz

              Is there an answer to this question?  I would also like to utilize Content Libraries to sync my templates across our multiple vCenters.  It would be extremely beneficial if BSA would allow use to create VGP's from these Content Library items.  Thanks!