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    Related Task SLA to Incident SLA

    Gururaj R
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      Hi Folks,


      Has anyone tried to calculate Task SLA based on Incident SLA ? Need to give solution inputs to management on how to relate these.



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          in my case, i create new interface SLM in Task form.

          i copied all the fields, button, or anything from existing SLM fields in HPD:Helpdesk form.


          the steps like this :

          1) Create new field that you need for patch the value for SLM in task form (you can copy from incident/work order form)

               *some fields is already create from ootb, but some fields is need to create new. you will know whats field that you must create when you config the mapping filter, ACL, or guide



          2) Create new filter, active links and guides. same, you can copy from incident/work order ACL, filter, guide for SLM

               *every modul (incident, wo, change) have spesification value for they slm configuration. example : incident have INC:SLM:xxxx, WO have WOI:SLM:xxxx, and for task you must create new filter, sla or guide by copy existing filter, acl, or guide from incident/wo/change


          3) you must check one by one the value, because you must change the name from example HPD to TMS.

          4) create new Data Source for Task management

          5) try to create new service target for Task Management


          i already dev this and its works..

          all i need just to clone all fields that slm needs to patch the value for that modul. in this case is Task management.



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