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    Does BNA 8.5 support H3C Comware7?



      Does BNA 8.5 support H3C Comware7?


      I have looked through the device adaptors for Huawei and it support comware5.  I have also tried changing various device type in order to try and connect.




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          James Smith

          See here for the device adapter capabilities report


          Supported devices - BMC Network Automation 8.9


          Huawei Switch/Router is our only Huawei adapter and it's only been certified with H3C S5120-24PEI:Comware 5.20


          First I recommend that you look in the BNA Ideas page of the Communities. If there is not an Idea to get the comware 7 supported then submit the idea. If there is an idea vote it up.


          Second: If this adapter doesn't work out of the box it may be possible to modify the adapter to function with the comware 7. This all depends on how much was changed between the 2 OS versions. Sometimes the changes are minor (different responses, command syntax), sometimes the changes are so drastic that a new adapter should really be developed.