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    ITSM 9.1 database migration

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      I need to migrate ITSM 9.1 database from a single SQL server to a cluster with multiple instances.


      So in my original ar.cfg I had

      Db-Host-Name: SQL01


      And now I want to have

      Db-Host-Name: SQL02\Instance2


      DB is migrated correctly, with all permissions etc but the AR does not start. arerrorlog is showing:


      Tue Nov 15 17:27:33.063 2016 Error trying to find a system form.

      Tue Nov 15 17:27:33.110 2016 Error trying to find a system form.

      Tue Nov 15 17:27:39.594 2016 Error encountered in bundle: com.bmc.arsys.server

      Tue Nov 15 17:27:39.594 2016 Application context refresh failed (OsgiBundleXmlApplicationContext(bundle=com.bmc.arsys.server, config=spring-context/base_context.xml,spring-context/infrastructure_septran_context.xml,spring-context/profiles/aspectj_ctw/application_context.xml,spring-context/osgi.xml))

      Tue Nov 15 17:27:39.626 2016 Unable to create application context for [com.bmc.arsys.server], unsatisfied dependencies: none

      Tue Nov 15 17:27:39.766 2016 TID 105 initTransport  Normal ARServer shutdown process Initiated.

      Tue Nov 15 17:27:39.782 2016 Stopserver.await: accept


      Sorry if this is not the best place to post this, but I know there are many friends here that may help



      This is definately something with \Instance2 as when i restored the same database to default instance and used just SQL02 in ar.cfg - it works...