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    SNMP Trap OIDST contains slots not found in MIB file.

    Tammy Ryan
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      Our BPPM 9.6 has been successfully receiving SNMP Traps from Andover Controller for years.  Now all of a sudden they aren't mapping correctly due to extra values appearing in the OIDST and SNMP_Vals that weren't there previously.  The vendor says nothing has changed on the Andover side.  And unfortunately, it was discovered after we upgraded BPPM to SP2 and we have no events prior to the upgrade to confirm that is when it changed.




      snmp_vals=['411545290','','DataCenter','CracUnit_1','HO_CRAC1.H2OUF','Water under floor-CRAC1','W10MZ02','rtn','à-!','Off','à.','On'];





      snmp_vals=['DataCenter','CracUnit_1','HO_CRAC1.H2OUF','Water under floor-CRAC1','W10MZ02','rtn','à-!','Off','à.','On'];


      The MIB file is expecting alarmControllerName to be the first value so in the new events, alarmControllerName is "411545290" when it should be "DataCenter" and so on.


      I have SNMP Traps from other vendors that aren't having this problem so I'm not ready to say that BPPM SP2 has caused this.


      I've never attempted to re-code a MIB file but could write a rule to parse the slots from the new location if I have to.  Has anyone else experienced this behavior?