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    Unable to get TMART scripts execution data in SAP BO

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      Hi Experts,


      We have BMC TMART 4.1 with more that 100 scripts scheduled to execute everyday. TMART is integrated with SAP BO for reporting through TMART Database.

      Everything working fine before, we were getting all the script executions data to SAP BO and able to generate reports for the same.


      Since one week we are unable to get the scripts execution data in SAP BO and also we ran some commands to check data in the database but for some reason we couldn't found data there as well. Strange thing when we check execution logs on TMART Web Console , there we have all the executions logs.This problems started suddenly.Also there is no log for TMART Application server and Database connection lost or something.


      How we can we ensure that TMART writing data to its database accurately?

      Is there any date and time sync issue with TMART Database and SAP BO?

      From where should we start investigation to find the root cause of the issue?

      Is is possible database performance can cause this harm to the application data?


      Need insightful thoughts over issue as it is in the Production.


      Your help would be appreciated.


      Thanks & Regards,
      Amol Kotwal