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    Using multiple versions of BSA Console on same Windows leads to Workspace conflicts

    Yanick Girouard

      I'm trying to debug an issue where certain dialog windows open as blank (and white) in the 8.9 console. I thought it was always due to another program running in the background called Oracle E-SSO, but I in my troubleshooting, I have noticed the following:


      When you use multiple versions of the BSA console on the same system (I use 8.5 and 8.9 to connect to different environments), the Workspace folders created by the console are shared!



      Every time you launch a new console client, it looks for an existing Workspace to use (in order) and creates it if it doesn't exist. For example, the first console you open (regardless of its version) will use Workspace1, the second Workspace2, and so on.


      What I found out is that if you don't always open the consoles of each version in the same order, including multiple windows of the same version, the information saved in the workspaces may conflict and cause issues such as this:



      So the question is: Is there a way to force a specific console version to save its workspaces in its own folder and not share them with other versions? This is causing issues!


      The steps to reproduce this are simple:


      1. Install a console at version 8.5 or above (let's call it console A)

      2. Install a console of a higher version as another instance, preferably with known UI changes, such as 8.9, and let's call it console B.

      3. Start console A and login, then open dialogs (i.e. Infrastructure management, and edit a server)

      4. Start console B and login, and open something as well.

      5. Close both consoles

      6. Check in %appdata%\BladeLogic\1_2_1 and confirm there are two Workspace folders

      7. Start console B and login, and then try to open the same dialogs as before, such as editing a server configuration. Notice the blank area.

      8. Close console B

      9. Delete the Workspace folders

      10. Start console B and look again, should be ok now, but it will happen again if you mix-up the opening orders again...