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    Not Able to start IBRSD service on Rhel

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      Hello Experts,


      I am   trying to integrate True sight Operation management with Remedy.When i enter entries in integration option in TSIM Admin and test connection i observed ibrsd process is not starting UP. TSIM is running on Rhel 6.6.


      We have installed truesight cmdb plugin 10,0 and remedy server is on solaris 10 sparc.


      Pfb things i have checked :

      1> arplugin up and running.

      2> can telnet arserver port from tsim and ports are open.

      3>verfied integration user (can login to remedy with user and has all the required permissions).

      4> tried to manuallly start ibrsd process, did not start.

      5>verified entries in ar.conf (everything is ok)


      Also attaching Config Utility Log.


      Request you to please help me to find root cause of this issue .Looking forward for your expert help



      Thank You,


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          Also When i checked app.Log.1 in /ibrsd/bin, i get following error .


          Entering BiiARSManager::cleanupSystem




          ConfileWithPath=/BMCTSIM/TrueSight/pw/integrations/ibrsd/conf/IBRSD.conffatal error initilizing integration IBRSD_SRC : 7

          Error message : Initialization of persistent storage failed

          bmcii_init2 in IntegrationManager ---> 7


          Thank you,