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    Another BLAPP Upgrade, Another Windows Patch Catalog Failure

    Charlie Sullivan

      Our weekly scheduled Windows Patch Catalog update failed this morning after our app servers were upgraded to 8.9 a few days ago. I noticed a new productcatagories.xml, so I downloaded it and pointed the Patch Global Configuration to it, but I got the same failure. The only error in the log was "Error: null", which isn't much help to me.


      In any case, I created a new catalog with the exact same settings, except that when I selected the products to include, I chose slightly different ones than before (excluding products we no longer have). The job now seems to be running successfully, so I don't know if it was the product choices that made the difference, but if it is it would be good if the log could have let me know which one was the culprit.


      Just passing this on in case anyone runs into the same issue, and hoping that maybe the logging can be configured to better detect such errors.