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    Issue with BSA 8.8 and UEFI Boot

    Jens Heilmann



      in my test Environment i have create a dhcp Server with a uefi-config like the bsa 8.8 Dokumentation. I have also create a new System package with the Special Mountpoint /boot/efi.

      My VM-Ware-.Guest will run in to EFI-Boot and the Client can received the file boox64.efi over the bladelogic-tftp-Server. After this file the server search the tftp-bootfile like 0AFEA9.. . This special file is not create from the pxe-bl-Server. In a legacy PXE-Environment the pxe Server will create this Special file in pxelinux.0-Directory.

      In a EFI-Boot-Scenario this file are not create and the provisioning will be faild.

      My Question:


      What must i do. I have read the documention of BSA 8.8. But i cannot find any error.


      Have everybody running a uefi-provisioning over bladelogic 8.8 successfully?


      Thanks and regards,


      Jens Heilmann