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    Dynamically pass a parameter to BLPackage according to individual hosts.

    Venudhar Chinthakuntla

           Hi All,


      I am looking for a solution, to pass a "PATH" parameter to BLpackage. I want it to be dynamically set, as per the individual host configuration.


      I also would like to use a NSH script to generate the PATH parameter and the parameter is to be assign to PATH variable of the respective BLPackage.


      I would create a Batch job with one NSH script and a BLPackage, for sequence execution.


      when Batch job is triggered on a host, NSH script is executed on a host, it would hold the PATH variable, as per the hosts configuration.

      I would like to pass the held variable by NSH package to the BLpackage within the respective batch job, as a parameter to "PATH"


      I have created the local property in the BLPackage. I am struck on How could I pass the parameter which is held by the NSH script using GUI.


      Please help me on this..



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