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    not serializable error when importing a file

    Dinesh Babu Bashyam

      Hi, I am getting an error 'not serializable' when importing a file in bladelogic 8.7.280.  I have following entry in the /etc/hosts and /etc/rsc/exports where blfs is mentioned respective to the hosts but in the app server logs I could see the error


      No such file or directory;//blfs/mnt/bsastore/storage/depotfiles/2cd2238946c38c80633a9a249ae1bb85

      [03 Nov 2016 05:08:33,572] [Client-Connections-Thread-9] [WARN] [xxxxxxxx:UNIXAdmins:1xxx.xx.xxx] [Client] Call to unlock a null connection.


      Also to highlight it does not happen very often it happens sometimes and sometimes it does not happen, it seems to be intermittent.  Any idea why the error could happen?

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