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    CIS 2.2 Template in BSA 8.7

    Varun Karthik

      Hi All,


      We currently have BSA 8.7 + P2 deployed in our environment with over 600 agents. We are planning to install Patch 3 soon to resolve the vulnerability as soon as possible. But the upgrade to BSA 8.9 will have to wait till early next year, since we have a standard policy of waiting for at least 6 months after a new version release to perform a major upgrade. 


      The CIS templates shipped with 8.7 are of version 1.1 whereas the 8.9 ships version 2.2, which is the latest. Our security team wants to use the latest templates for compliance since the servers are built to that standard. But I got a confirmation from BMC support that the content templates from 8.9 cannot be used in 8.7. 


      Now that the upgrade is at least 4 months away, what are our options to be able to use the latest templates in 8.7 in the mean time?


      Where can we get a copy of CIS 2.2 template included in BSA 8.9, so that we can look at the difference and customise the existing template to add what is missing? Or is this even possible?


      With regards,


      Varun Karthik