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    BLpackage External Command saving issue

    Shaikh Faisal



      I was working on BLpackage and got stuck with one issue during saving external command. While saving external command I am getting unfinished property reference. It is due to code. Example are mentioned below.


      ###I have addedd <APP> in local properties of BLpackage which I am calling in below code.


      targetApp=`echo ${targetApp} | tr 'a-z' 'A-Z'`


      ### As per the below command I am deleting file by matching the criteria. So in this case the error which we are getting (unfinished property reference) is because of the criteria which we have mentioned like ??.ksh and ??.conf.????. So in external command critieria like ??.ksh and ??.conf.???? is getting as object of local property but it is not. So in order to avoid this what will be the best way to overcome this issue. Please help me.

      case ${targetApp} in

      PWY) rm /apps/logRotate/logRotate_I??.ksh

        rm /apps/logRotate/conf/logrotate_I??.conf.????



      Thanks in Advance