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    TKU October 2016 releases announcement

    Jean Louis Deshairs
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      TKU October 2016 releases are now available!


      * TKU October 2016 release supports EMC Unisphere, GridGain and HPCC software products.

      For BMC Discovery version 11 users we have updated the HP Integrity Virtual Machine pattern and added a new pattern for HPCC software product. Please visit the TKU Cluster Awareness page to see the full list of supported technologies. We have also addressed many RFEs and fixed several defects in this release. Please review the list here.


      New: Extended Discovery Documentation!

      We have now documented the list of "Extended Discovery" patterns. These patterns are used for in-depth discovery and often have associated configurations which are described in the documentation. Please use the documentation to take full advantage of these Extended Discovery patterns.


      * TKU October 2016 release adds 19 new Network Device definitions for Cisco, Brocade, ZyXEL, Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, HP and Checkpoint vendors.

      Please visit the TKU October 2016 Network Device Definitions page for details.


      For more information about this release overall please visit the TKU October 2016 page.


      * TKU Storage October 2016 release.

      In this release, we have revisited the EMC Celerra pattern to fix several issues and enhance the discovery. Please visit the EMC Celerra Storage Discovered Information page for details.


      Please visit the Storage Systems Release notes and Notices page for information about bug fixes and enhancements.


      * OSU October 2016 Releases: The RHEL 6 and RHEL 5 OS upgrades contain the applicable Red Hat packages until October 22, 2016.
      BMC strongly suggest that you upgrade to this version to update the timezone packages which will then account for the leap second in December 2016. See more info ont this in Kerryn's blog post.


      The latest RHEL 6 OS upgrade file (for the 64 bit architecture only) is ADDM_OS_Upgrade_64_6.16.10.22_659217_ga.sh.gz. See more details on this release here.

      The latest RHEL 5 OS upgrade file (for the 64 bit architecture only) is ADDM_OS_Upgrade_64_6.16.09.07_648121_ga.sh.gz. See more details on this release here.


      All above releases are ready for download on EPD.