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    Web Services browser support ?

    Luciano Spagnuolo

      we are migrating servers from Windows 2008 with IE9 to Windows 2012 with IE11.  We have several that are used for running tasks/jobs via web services.  While testing basic connectivity it fails on the new Windows 2012 IE11.  I have confirmed the following, port is open (telnet to 9843 works), other browser can connect (Chrome) but no matter what I do with IE11 it fails to connect even in compatibility mode of IE9.  Self Signed certificate is in use. I am unable to find documentation stating whether or not IE11 is supported.  Any help is appreciated


      BSA 8.5 platform on Windows



      telnet works
      Chrome connects using https://AppServer:9843/services/BSALoginService.wsdl?=

      also returns content using https://AppServer:9843/type/PropertySetClasses/SystemObject/Server/?username=BLAdmin&password=password&role=BLAdmins

      Note: AppServer substituted for real server name & password for real password during execution


      compatibilit mdoe also fails





      Lou Spagnuolo